Confidence is something many people lack.

Even the people who you may perceive as being very confident, inside may feel like they want to crawl into a hole at a party or get a pit of butterflies in their stomach when pitching an idea to the boss at the office.

Giving off a perception of confidence and actually BEING confident are completely different.

It’s amazing what a boost of confidence can do without having to change anything else about yourself.

You could be the same exact person, look the same, talk the same, be the same and carrying yourself with confidence will create the presence of an entirely new person.

It’s important to remember that what YOU think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you. Building confidence helps allow you to internalize your greatness and continually improve to become the best version of yourself.

Tips to Increase Your Confidence

1. Consciousness of Body Language

How you carry yourself can give off vibes of confidence, or lack thereof to other people. In addition, by being conscious of your body language, you can subconsciously boost your own confidence and give a confident air of your presence to others.  

Simple things like standing up straight, speaking at an audible level (instead of very quietly), and making eye contact. Before you walk into a room, take a deep breath, and know that you deserve to be there.

2. How You Talk to Others

Being confident in your conversations with people doesn’t necessarily mean dominating the conversation. In fact, it can often be the opposite.

Confidence can radiate when you show positivity in a conversation and shine the light on them on the other person. By showing genuine interest in the other person and asking questions about their life and experiences, it helps the other person feel valued and important.

This often evokes a very positive reaction, in turn, boosting your own confidence!

3. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This can be something that feels uncomfortable at first, but can be really empowering and freeing.

A simple strategy for getting out of your comfort zone everyday is by taking a cold shower. There’s evidence that there are health benefits to cold showers, but in addition, it’s a simple accomplishment that you can begin your day with.

Another example of getting out of your comfort zone could be speaking in front of others. This can be on a big stage, but it also doesn’t have to be. Maybe, it’s asking a question or giving an insightful thought during a meeting or telling a story at a party, when you’re usually more behind the scenes.

You could also something new to get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, people avoid trying new things out of fear that they won’t be good at it. That can be frustrating at first, but as you practice, you will be empowered by what you can accomplish!

4. Continually Learn

Try doing things like reading the news, staying up on current events, read books, listen to podcasts, chat with strangers, spend time around people who challenge you, learn an instrument, or take a class.

Having topics to talk about with people can often be an area of anxiety and cause lack of confidence. If you continually learn, you will always have interesting topics to talk and to ask others about. In addition, being skilled is a motivation and confidence booster in itself!

5. ​Develop A Mantra

Know your true worth in skills and who you are as a person. Having a confidence-boosting mantra to think of or read as you prepare for situations where you may lack confidence can really help get you pumped and ready! This could be a special quote, poem, song, saying, or anything else that helps get you in a confident frame of mind.

6. Smile

A simple smile can help boost your mood and signify confidence. It can also put others at ease, which can relieve anxieties and create a more pleasant environment.

Having confidence in yourself and your abilities is an important thing to grasp in your journey.

My Challenge for You

I challenge you to choose one of these six tips to implement today. Choose one and be conscious to include it throughout the day.

Focus on that one thing in every interaction and moment throughout your day, whether it be body language, talking to others, getting out of your comfort zone, continually learning, developing a mantra, or simply smiling more.

Lastly, community is key for continued support, encouragement, and accountability. Confidence can skyrocket when you are in community getting the encouragement and support of others. In short, community boosts confidence.

Practicing these elements and building community will help you not only give of the air of confidence, but actually FEEL it, which will help you ultimately be more happy, healthy, productive, and balanced!