Week 4: How to Create Lifestyle Nutrition


How do you create a lifestyle with your nutrition? The answer isn’t sexy, but it’s real and I promise it will serve you well for the rest of your life if you allow yourself to internalize it.

The best way to create a lifestyle with your nutrition is to create a confident, flexible mindset free of judgment. Through this flexible mindset, you can make nutrition choices more easily without clouded judgment of dieting rules, negative emotions, or fear. 

It’s not only about nutrients, but taking away the judgment and shame that often accompanies food choice allows you to be mindful in choosing nutritious foods consistently, while allowing you to choose foods based on your preferences without hesitation or guilt. 

Throughout your life, your nutritional needs may stay very consistent, but they also might change over time. You are not a machine. You are an organism. As an organism, your nutritional needs and preferences may vary and that is completely okay.

The concepts that we have covered in this challenge are just scratching the surface of possibility when it comes to food freedom and also being able to make adjustments to reach certain goals. 

The themes of consistency and flexibility will ring true forever and will outlast any shiny, new fad that promises you the world. 

When you are tempted by any “next best thing” diets of the future, think of me giving you a virtual fist bump and me saying, “Consistency with whole, nutritious foods works. Listen to hunger. Honor fullness. Keep it simple.”

I had a client say the other day, “I told my husband yesterday, that for 30-seconds, I was tempted to try the Whole30 diet again, but then he reminded me how much I hated it. He also reminded me how I’m actually seeing consistent results now with Kelsey’s flexible strategies. I quickly came back down to earth.” 

The marketing and false promises of fad diets make it so easy to fall for, but remember all that you have learned here and worked hard doing in this challenge. 

Keep using the main elements of this program beyond this challenge. Sure, there’s a timeframe on the challenge, but these are tried and true, lifelong strategies that you now have within your grasp. Congratulations! You never have to diet again. Now is the beginning of the rest of your life.

Let’s quickly recap the main elements of this program:

1. The foundation of what we have learned through listening to hunger and honoring fullness.

2. Gentle frameworks can be a starting point to help guide nutrition choices like learning how to balance a plate. Using some strategies like flexible carb cycling, carb backloading, and mindful and intuitive eating can help you create a lifestyle that is sustainable and enjoyable for you. 

3. Focusing on your mindset and relationship with food is essential to lifestyle nutrition. Working on things like coping with feelings outside of food is extremely beneficial to your overall mental and physical health.

4. This isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning. This is the beginning of the rest of your life where you never have to diet again because knowing your body with consistency and flexibility will help you create your best lifestyle.

For this last activity, I want you to take some time to reflect on your experience and what you learned about yourself from this challenge and answer these 5 questions. Write out your answers and/or create a video of yourself explaining the answers. 

Feel free to post about your reflections in the Facebook group!

  - What did you learn about yourself and your results from this experience? (physical, mental, emotional)

  - What are some ways your relationship with food has changed?

  - What are some ways your relationship with your body has changed?

  - What are you going to keep practicing as you go forward?

  - Any other reflections?

Next Steps

Congrats on completing the 30-Day Fit Nutrition Challenge! You should be incredibly proud of yourself. We dug into so much more than just food and that is why you are going to continue the success from here.

Keep up the great work!