Hey there, it’s Kelsey! 

First and foremost, thank you so much for taking the time to go through that short quiz. 

Not only does that help me understand a little bit more about you and your goals, it shows me that you are an action taker and are ready to make a change. And even though we may have never met, I can already see that you are the exact type of person that I enjoy working with.

Now, before we get to your plan, make sure you pay close attention to what I am about to go over - I do not want you to miss this. 

Before we get to your 1-minute meal plan… First let me ask you something… 

Have you ever heard the saying:
"You Are What You Eat?"

My guess is you have, and to be honest… I absolutely HATE this saying. 

Because this saying puts all the blame on YOU. 

And you need to understand that where you are currently is NOT your fault.

In fact, I’d even go as far as saying that you’ve been lied when it comes to nutrition

And as a result, you’ve never been given the opportunity to truly get the fast and lasting results that you want. 

You see, all the diets you’ve done in the past were designed to be short term. 

In other words, they were designed to make you eventually quit or fall off track. 

Most diets are...

  • Too strict...

  • Too time consuming

  • Too complicated 

  • Or simply... Not enjoyable

Listen, the diets you’ve tried in the past to do have to determine your future success. 

You have such an exciting goal, and I can help you get their using a few super simple techniques. 

I’ll get to that in a second, but this is important for you to hear: 

Your past dieting “failures" are NOT your fault. 

I’ve personally tried just about every diet imaginable… From keto to paleo to vegetarian to low calorie... and I finally got to the point of just being fed up from not seeing the results I actually wanted.

And maybe you’re feeling a little fed up too, and just want a plan that will finally work for you. 

Well, I’ve got some great news…

You are in the right place. It is not a mistake that you are here right now. I am about to share you with the most simple and effective nutrition plan that thousands of my clients have used with incredible success. 

So just take a deep breathe and know that you are in the right place. 

By following what I am about to share below, this is going to help you reach your goal of losing 10-20 pounds and get super lean in the next 90-days... If not much faster!

Not only that, you’ll effortlessly maintain those results all while eating the foods you love!

Because that’s the key, right? Being able to follow a plan that you actually enjoy AND that gets you results. 

I want to quickly go over the 3 techniques that you will be using based on your goals. So stay with me. And if you need to take notes, do so. 



So based on your answers to the quiz, the easiest change you can make to your nutrition right now is to start focusing the majority of your meals around eating whole one-ingredient foods.

If you just made this one simple switch today, your results will drastically improve. That being said...

One of the biggest MISTAKES people make when it comes to nutrition is thinking that they can ONLY eat "healthy foods" and need to cut out everything else (don't do that). 

Think about this... When you've gone on a diet in the past, what would you typically do? You probably cut out sweets, sugars, carbs... Basically everything that tastes good LOL!

That is NOT what I am saying to do here. 

The takeaway is that if you want to improve your results overall (fat loss, energy levels, how you feel, etc.) then focusing on whole one-ingredient foods for the majority of your meals is important.

So if you do nothing else, this is the most important aspect for helping you reach your goals. Again though, that does not mean you can’t eat your favorite foods like pizza and ice cream, as you’ll see in a second. 

This also does not mean you need to force yourself to each only chicken and broccoli. NO! 

You nutrition plan can and should be enjoyable. More on that in a second. 


Start what I call "Carb-Solution."

Eating carbs at the optimal times can make all the difference in the results you see. It’s honestly crazy how much of a difference this can make. 

Another BIG mistake people make when trying to increase their results is cut out carbs completely. Carbs play an important role in helping you get fast results, plus they make your plan so much more enjoyable. 

Especially with your goal, carbs are going to make such a huge difference for increasing your results.

Like we talked about in #1, the kinds of carbs you eat is important. Along with that, WHEN you eat your carbs is important too.

For example, including carbs after your workouts is one of the best times when it comes to increasing your results and burning body fat. 

Post workout, your body is primed to take in carbs to help with recovery and speed up fat loss. 

Another great time for carbs is later in the day. This sounds crazy, but it works! So including carbs like rice, potatoes, or sweet potatoes into your evening meal is always a great option. 

Don’t be afraid of carbs. They will play an important role in getting you results, keeping you energized, and just feeling amazing!


Your third technique is to make sure you include your favorite foods each week

By doing this, you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings and this can actually help boost your metabolism. 

For me personally, I do Taco Tuesday’s and Pizza Night Friday every week with my husband, Dennis. Then of course, I love desserts! Chocolate anything is my go to :)

Don't make this mistake: Most people tend to cut out their favorite foods when trying to increase their results. But this often just increases cravings and will lead to you binging on that food later. This is what causes that frustrating "dieting cycle". 

Think about this... Someone tells you to not eat pizza... What are you thinking about? PIZZA! Instead...

Let's build your favorite foods right into your plan!

I can show you exactly how to do this while helping you reach your goals faster. 

That’s right, you can reach your goals while including foods like tacos and pizza and ice cream on your plan. 


OK, so those are the 3 techniques that you’ll be focusing on to help you reach your goals. 

I know those may sound simple, but if I’ve learned anything about nutrition it’s this:

Simple works!

When the plan is simple, you stick to it...

Most plans tend to overcomplicate things. And when things are too complicated, too strict, and not enjoyable...

You'll just quit. And that's probably why you are here today...

You've tried all those plans and want something different. NOW IS YOUR TIME!

The truth is, I am going to show you how simple, effective, and enjoyable nutrition can be. 

I've helped thousands of people from all over the world lose weight and get in their best shape, and now it's your turn!


Now that we’ve covered that, let me show you how to build your one-minute meal plan...

The sheet right below has been used by thousands of my clients

I call this the One-Minute Meal Plan. 

I wasn't sure if I was going to share this because only my high level personal clients get access to this, but I wanted to give it to you for free because whether or not you decide to purchase the FIT Nutrition Plan on this page... I wanted to make sure each and every person reading this walked away with value!

(note: this is just one of the meal builders I give you on FIT Nutrition - I'll show you some amazing techniques and tweaks you can make to drastically speed up results)

The meal builder below is what I use for my dinners most nights. On your FIT Nutrition Plan, I'll be giving a few different meal builders that break down everything for you based on your body and goals so that you can see your best possible results eating the foods you love.


The best part about your FIT Nutrition Plan, is I show you how to make your plan so enjoyable that it doesn’t even feel like you are on a diet. 

So if you don’t like chicken and broccoli, you do NOT need to eat that. 

As you can see above, the Balanced Approach gives you a crazy simple outline for your meals:

I have several different options for you in my Fit Nutrition Plan that can help accelerate your results even more!

But let's build a meal together using the Balanced Approach. 

As you can see, we choose one protein source, 0+ more veggies (cause let's be serious, sometimes you just don't feel like veggies), 0-1 carb source, and one healthy fat. 

On your plan, I’ll show you dozens of healthy food options that you can choose from for each one of these categories so your meals are never boring or bland

In our example right now, let's build a delicious dinner. Let’s choose beef as our protein, we will choose onions and brussels sprouts for our veggies, white rice for our carbs, and avocado for our healthy fat. 

You can take those ingredients, add your favorite spices and sauces and make a delicious stir fry topped with fresh avocado. 

Of course, this is just one of the many options I outline for you on your meal plan. 

Other meals include my Greek Goddess Breakfast Bowl, Protein Packed Burger, Rainbow Bowl, Worlds Best Burrito Bowl, and so much more. 


Listen, you’ve tried the diets that have you cutting out your favorite foods, eating like a rabbit, overcomplicating everything, and that just leave you feeling low in energy and straight up miserable...

Those diet don’t work! I know that and you know that

It’s time for you to use a different approach - one that has been proven to work for thousands of women just like you who are trying to reach their weight loss goals. 

That is why I am so excited to introduce you to your FIT Nutrition Plan!

Inside your plan, you are going to get everything you need to finally reach your goals. 

I’ve really tried to go above and beyond to make this as simple and effective as possible. 

That’s why I am including both the FIT Nutrition Manuals and videos so that you can get started as soon as possible, and start reaching your goals faster than anything you've tried in the past!

I’ve designed FIT Nutrition to be simple. That said... It's so effective and enjoyable!

Let me show you what you are going to be getting...


First and foremost, you’re getting your Plan.

On your plan, I am going to show you what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat for your body and goals! Because what you need to reach your goals is different than what your friend needs. And don't worry, this is super simple so you can get started immediately. 

And like I said earlier, if you don’t like chicken and broccoli… Don’t eat it!

Trying to force down foods you don't enjoy isn't fun or sustainable. Instead...

Let's get you eating foods you actually enjoy AND that will help you reach your goals. 


With FIT Nutrition, you will be getting 5 different nutrition frameworks that will help you reach your goals fast and sustain those results. And you'll do it eating foods you actually enjoy!

And don't worry, this is so simple - and since I know your goals, I'll show you the exact framework to start with and then where to progress to next so that you can keep seeing results.

Inside these frameworks are the meal builders, where you'll also receive some crazy simple strategies that you can use to speed up your results even more. 

Often, just implementing ONE of these strategies can take you from a frustrating plateau and have you bursting through it faster than ever before. The Meal Builder gives you the foundation of your plan and dives into what you'll be eating to reach your goals. 

You're going to get ALL of meal builder plans so that you can see fast and lasting results. 


Listen, there are some really simple techniques and strategies that you can use right now to accelerate your results. And…

And no, this does NOT include fat burning pills or supplements. 

Instead, I’ll be sharing some simple strategies for accelerating your results, effortlessly. For example, one technique is as simple as making one change to your first meal of the day. Plus…

I’ll even show you how you can break through any plateau, no matter how long you’ve been stuck. 

My Result Accelerators are incredible and so easy. In fact, I’m actually using one right now as I am writing this!


Next, you are going to get my personal meals and go-to recipes. You know the saying "sharing is caring"? Well...

One thing I do with all my new customers is consistently share my meals so that they can get ideas and see what I am eating. 

SO many people have told me that this is extremely helpful. I share small samples on social media now and then, but inside FIT Nutrition is where you get all the updates. 

I also share some of my favorite recipes that are not only healthy, they are incredibly delicious (last week I shared my "Chocolate Pudding Dessert"... it's unreal) 

Even better, when I find new recipes that I love, I make sure to send them to you first. It's almost like having "insider access"!

That means you are constantly getting new meal ideas. 



One of the most requested topics I get from women is around the topic of relationship with food. So many women I work with struggle in their relationship with food, exercise, and their body. And...

If you have ever felt stressed about emotional eating, second guessed your food choices, felt anxious about what to eat (around others, at restaurants, etc.), ever looked in the mirror and felt shame about your body... then this manual alone will be life-changing. 

In working with thousands of women, once you are able to conquer these negative thoughts and feelings around food, exercise, and your body... That's when everything starts to change!

You'll be more confident in yourself... More confident in your food choices... More confident in your workouts... More confident in your job, at home, and so much more. 

And today, I am giving this to you absolutely FREE!


Imagine for a moment that you have a vacation coming up in 30-days and you want to make sure you look your best. But instead of stressing about it, you already knew exactly what you were going to do to look and feel your best...

How awesome would that be? Well, in my Next Level Results manual, I will be walking you through everything you need to know about making adjustments to your plan based on your goals. So whether you just want to maintain your results or dial in a little bit for a vacation, I've got you!

I used these exact same strategies when I was preparing to be on the cover of STRONG Magazine. I made slight adjustments to my plan, and even though womanhood hit the day of the photoshoot, I was still so dang proud of how it all came out. 

And now you will have these same strategies absolutely FREE when you purchase on this page today...


I'm not sure about you, but I've spend thousands and thousands of dollars on nutrition programs and working with coaches... All for little to no results!

So I know how frustrating that is to spend all this time and money, and not even come close to reaching your goals...

I don't want you to have to go through this, and that is why I'm so excited about getting FIT Nutrition into your hands. 

My goal is simple: to help people just like yourself reach their fitness goals without the unnecessary struggles or frustrations that often come with it...

And that's why I am not going to charge $199 for FIT Nutrition. In fact, I'm not even going to charge half that which would be an absolute steal! Instead...

You'll get access to everything for just $39 (and that's a one-time payment)!

I know that is less than what you were expecting, but I want to make this available to everyone who is serious about reaching their goals once and for all...


Now is your time to take control of your health and build the amazing body you've always wanted! Get started today for the one-time price of just $39. You'll get absolutely everything you need to transform your body!

  • The FIT Nutrition Plan where you'll see what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat for your body and goals...

  • The FIT Nutrition Framework & Meal Builder that shows you how to effortlessly reach your goals eating all your favorite foods...

  • The FIT Nutrition Accelerator that helps you speed up results and break through plateaus no matter how long you've been stuck...

  • The FIT Nutrition Meal Ideas & Recipes that will show you my go-to meals and recipes for faster results...

  • (BONUS) Food Freedom that will improve your confidence in all areas of your life.

  • (BONUS) Next Level Results are my go-to strategies for when you are getting ready for an event, vacation, photoshoot, etc. Or any time you are wanting to dial in your nutrition a little bit more!

But listen... This isn't for everyone...

I know that might sound crazy, but I've been honest with you this entire time. After working with thousands of clients, there are a few types of people that this is NOT for...

1) If you are not an action taker, and instead are more concerned about finding the "perfect diet." I say this all the time to my clients... "Progress, not perfection." I am not asking you to be perfect on this plan. That doesn't work and sets you up for failure. But, you do need to be an action taker!

2) If you think you already know what you need to do to reach your goals and aren't willing to follow simple instructions...

3) If you are not truly ready to achieve your dream body. 

If you think any of those three above are you, this probably isn't for you...



You Are Serious About Transforming Your Body & Reaching Your Goals, That's AMAZING! Here's What The Process Will Look Like...


Start by clicking here! You’ll be taken to a secure order form where you'll be asked to fill out your information. Make sure your email address is entered correctly so that I can deliver your FIT Nutrition Program to the right email address. 


Once you complete your order, you will get an email from me with your plan and full access to everything above (including all the bonuses). You'll first watch a short video where I'll go over your plan and how to get started in just minutes. 


From there, you will start your plan and watch as your body starts transforming right in front of your own eyes. You'll feel amazing eating all the foods you love. And I'll be right there for you if any questions come up!

I am so excited to get the opportunity to work with you. 

Just know that I will be there for you every step of the way. 

Just imagine 90-days from now when you've reached your goal...

How AMAZING is that going to feel? How EXCITED are you going to be? How much more CONFIDENT will you be? 

It's going to happen, and I can't wait to help you get there.

Here's to your best transformation,

~Kelsey Heenan