Kelsey has several ways you can experience her coaching through a variety of workout programming, video styles, and levels of accountability. She has an option for everyone and provides different choices for the varied preferences and goals of her clients.



HIITBURN was created by Kelsey and Dennis Heenan to help simplify fitness through High Intensity Interval Training. HIITBURN does workout challenges several times per year in addition to having their HIIT workout app. HIITBURN programs are available for individual one-time purchase or in the HIITBURN app subscription.

HIITBURN is for all fitness levels and has programs that require zero equipment and others where you only need dumbbells. HIITBURN is geared to those who love variety and want quick and effective on-demand HIIT workouts.

HIITBURN Workout Details:

Type of Workouts: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Length of Workouts: 20-30 minutes

Equipment Needed: Bodyweight, Band, and Dumbbell program options

Video Style: On-Demand Follow Along (white background with audio coaching cues)

Accountability: Facebook Community

Fitness Level: All levels

  Stronger Than Ever  

Stronger Than Ever is Kelsey’s small group coaching program. This is the most intimate option of her programs with the highest level of accountability. This program drops a new phase every month and includes 4 new strength training workouts, mindful eating nutrition guide, and weekly group Zoom coaching calls.

The focus of this program is to deep dive into improving relationships with food and the body while focusing on getting stronger physically and mentally.

Stronger Than Ever Details:

Type of Workouts: Strength training

Length of Workouts: 30-45 minutes

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells (start with 2 and you may need heavier options as you progress)

Video Style: On-Demand Real Time Coached Follow Along (raw and organic video where Kelsey trains you and you may see her puppy jump in every now and then!)

Accountability: Small Facebook Community and weekly live group Zoom coaching calls

Fitness Level: All levels


  4 Weeks of Focus  

In this program on the Openfit app, Kelsey trains celebrities Shay Mitchell and Steph Shepard in her metabolic strength training workouts. This program feels like a personal training session with Kelsey, Shay, Steph, and you. Kelsey’s workouts on Openfit are geared to those who want to focus on strength training in an on-demand, highly produced, fitness coaching setting.

This program has 20 unique strength training workouts over the course of 4 weeks. Programming elements include a strength training focus, in addition to blocks of EMOMs (Every Minute on the Minute) and AMRAPs (As Many Reps/Rounds as Possible).

4-Weeks of Focus Details:

Type of Workouts: Metabolic Strength Training

Length of Workouts: 30-40 minutes

Equipment Needed: 2+ pairs of dumbbells (start with 2 and you may need heavier options as you progress)

Video Style: On-Demand Real Time Coached Follow Along (highly produced videos that feel like a personal training session)

Accountability: Facebook Community

Fitness Level: All levels

  Get Strong With Kelsey  

This program on the Openfit app is great for people who are just beginning strength training, but also can be amazing for intermediate and advanced clients who challenge themselves with heavier weights. This program is 10 unique metabolic strength training workouts that focus on building strength and muscular endurance in a quick 30-minutes.

This is a high energy program where Kelsey coaches you through each on-demand workout. The workouts include two cast members, one who is modifying each exercise to show options for different fitness levels.

Get Strong With Kelsey Details:

Type of Workouts: Metabolic Strength Training

Length of Workouts: 30 minutes

Equipment Needed: 2 pairs of dumbbells (one light to moderate and one moderate to heavy pair)

Video Style: On-Demand Real Time Coached Follow Along (highly produced videos where Kelsey is coaching you direct to camera)

Accountability: Facebook Community

Fitness Level: All levels (this is a great option for beginners to strength training!)

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